Ron Billings

RETIRED FROM : IT Consulting.

IT Consulting

We offer a variety of IT Services, including, VPN Client and Server setup. Datacenter Server Administration and Cloud Services. We specialize in AWS (Amazon Web Services) , Digital Ocean and Linode hosting platforms.


Android or Apple App Development. We also offer the newer PWA (Progressive Web App) development services. Unix / Linux Shell Scripting to help your servers run smooth and to create and run regular cronjobs.

Email Consulting

Are your corporate emails ending up in your customers spam folders? We can help with properly configuring your MX, SPF, DKIM and DMARC, to not only improve your email flow, but also help protect you against the spoofing of your domain!

We Provide:

  • Domain Spoofing Consulting (reduce email spoofing on your domain)
  • E-mail Deliverability Consulting
  • SPF Troubleshooting / Flattening Consulting (error checking)
  • DKIM (Domain Keys) Consulting
  • DMARC recommendations and implementation, setup & consulting
  • BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification), setup & consulting
  • DNS and Email Migration
  • Personalized Service / 30+ years of experience

Clustered Networks has assisted a number of organizations to properly setup their MX / DKIM / SPF and DMARC records ensuring their email gets delivered properly, and improves security (anti-spoofing). Generally the time spent in working with your IT staff is only a few hours, therefore the overall cost for effective email deliverability and security is much less than you may think!

Clustered Networks - Email Flow Consulting DKIM, , SPF , DMarc Consulting, Email Secuirty

About our Design Studio

We have been developing Websites and APP's for over 30 years!
We use the latest technologies including Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Python, PHP, Laravel, October CMS, Codeigniter, ColdFusion, Cloudflare, and other development tools.

Ron Billings - Microsoft Certified Professional

Check out our NMAP Cheatsheet w/ Examples

NMAP Cheatsheet with Examples - PWA   - This is by far the best NMAP Cheatsheet on the net today. It not only describes the various switches that can be used in NMAP, but also gives you real life examples of how you can use NMAP and NMAP NSE (NMAP Scripting Engine).